Total Wealth BluePrint

You’ve Worked Hard To Build Your Beautiful Business

Go From High Earning To Truly Wealthy

Discover The Power Of Opportunity And How Intentionally Growing
Your Wealth Leads To Opportunity, Option, and Choice

You May Think 7 Figure Net Worth Isn’t Possible.
Discover How It Is

This Unique Program is designed to hand you the tools you need to grow beyond a successful business owner and into the type of person who has achieved true financial freedom.

You’re doing a lot right.

You’ve got a solid business that’s growing - you have a great reputation, a good referral network, and your marketing is on point.

You clearly have put thought into your business and how it’s going to operate - otherwise, you wouldn’t be where you are, right?

You wouldn’t be successful. You wouldn’t be profitable. You wouldn’t be supporting your family with something that you’ve built and are running with just your own two hands and the experience & expertise you’ve got.

Take a moment to celebrate that!

But when is it enough?

When will you finally make enough to shift your focus from simply making money to building your wealth ?

When will you have decided you’ve made enough in your business and be able to just take a break?

When will you know you’re free to make decisions about your future? In 5 years? 10 ? Ever?

Because the truth is that as smart and as strategic and as successful as business owners just like you are… a lot of times, your own personal wealth strategies show up as an afterthought.

The Harsh Reality

is that you’re so busy running your business and paying your bills that you’re not planning for your future. You’re not creating the future where you don’t have to work all the time, where your family’s financial stability isn’t tied to the ups and downs of your market.

You’ve got money… but you’re not wealthy. Yet.

See, the problem is that people like us - high earners, not rich yet - we piece together our wealth building plan. We might have some property, some investments, some IP… but we haven’t fully leveraged it for future income so that we can step back or step away.

And just in case nobody’s ever told you the real world truth… without this kind of strategy, you might never actually retire.

We don’t have one solid strategy that will work all of our opportunities and assets TOGETHER in a way that will grow us exponentially… because we’re currently using our money and our income to simply pay bills, reduce debt, or finance our lives instead of it working FOR us to grow something even bigger.

And sure, you might be fooling yourself to believe that you don’t WANT to retire… but the truth is that there’s a difference between not wanting to and not being able to. Don’t you want to give yourself the option?

The Difference Between You And The Wealthy

The super wealthy families have private bankers that help them understand what they need to do, when, and how. Not just right now, but later to continue building their wealth.

They have people they can turn to with opportunities – dedicated professionals who watch over them, create plans for them, and take the stress from their shoulders to create the fully leveraged financial future they want.

They have plans that work their assets together into fully leveraged wealth-building machines… so no longer are their strategies one-off or stuck looking at the small picture.

They have big-picture perspective on how their entire financial life works together to work FOR them… so their wealth almost grows on its own.

This kind of thing has only been available for 8-figure+ net worth families and individuals…

Until now.

Introducing Your Advantage: The Total Wealth BluePrint™

Personalized, customized and strategic personal and business wealth building that simplify and narrow focus so you can build your wealth with ease.

The kind of wealth that allows you to enjoy your work, stress-free… because your family’s financial future is secure.

The kind of wealth that gives you the freed to do what you want, when you want.

The kind of wealth that allows you to plan for the future using real numbers and examples.

The kind of wealth that gives you options, opportunities, and a world of possibilities.

This program has been specifically designed just for you - the successful business owner who’s ready to stop looking at what they need to get by right now…

And start discovering what it takes to build the
kind of wealth that creates true freedom.

Meet Your Financial Advisor and Wealth Coach

Hi, I’m Wendy Brookhouse and I run Black Star Wealth™. I’ve been a wealth expert and financial advisor (or financial planner, money coach… you pick the title, I’ve done it!) for over 15 years… which means I know a thing or two about growing wealth in every single type of market there is.

I’m fortunate that I get to specialize in helping business owners who are already very good at running their businesses turn that knowledge into wealth that their family can depend on… oftentimes for generations.

This happens through unique methodologies that not only simplify and allow you to focus (two key aspects of your own wealth-building journey), but also consistently produce results that frankly, you’ve got to experience to believe.

It all starts with empowering you to not only manage your money the right way… but to gain the knowledge you need so you feel confident creating a plan and sticking to it.

No matter what financial situation you have right now… I know that the Total Wealth Accelerator is the key to helping you grow and build a legacy that you can be proud of.

Wendy Brookhouse

Are you ready to discover what real wealth and opportunity feels like for you?

Limited-Access Program Open Now (Qualification Required)

STOP. Before you keep reading…
it’s important that I share a few things with you.

The Total Wealth BluePrint™ isn’t for everyone.

This is not for you if…

  • You’re not ready to devote an hour a week for 3 months to work on your wealth-building…
  • You are constantly drawn to drama, complex problems, or firefighting in your business (instead of working ON your future)…
  • You’re set in your ways and won’t look at different approaches to success…
  • You’re stuck believing that there simply isn’t enough to go around (they call this the scarcity mindset) and you struggle to see possibility with your life, business and portfolio…
  • You can’t or won’t be honest with yourself AND us about your total wealth picture – including income, tax liabilities, debt, investments and other assets…
  • Or if you simply have zero records of your revenues, sales, balances, cash flow, or assets…

    I don’t say this to be cruel – I say it to be transparent.

    There are no guarantees about the performance of your investments. Ever

    • I’d be shady, sleazy and flat-out lying if I promised you any kind of results with your investment. Because the harsh truth is that investments ALWAYS carry a risk.
    • Yes, we can talk about your risk tolerance in relation to your goals.
    • Yes, we can and will develop strategies to mitigate your risk at every opportunity.
    • And yes, I do guarantee other things about this program – namely that you’ll get everything I promise below and more.
    • But if anyone – including me! – ever tells you that something is a guaranteed win… run because they’re lying through their teeth.
    • Deal?
    • Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s talk some more…

    The goal of this program is to genuinely make a difference for you– and through my years of experience, I’ve learned that my most successful clients have one thing in common: they don’t have any of the obstacles I just listed.

    (If you’re still a fit, keep reading)

    Get The Clarity and Plan You Need

    Limited-Access Program Open Now (Qualification Required)

    The Total Wealth BluePrint™ : 5-Steps to 7-Figures

    In this program, we’ll work closely together to follow the 5 steps outlined below… and things will happen FAST.

    We’ll start with a series of one on one strategy sessions that will help us set the baseline, build your plans, and show you how to fill the gaps so you can execute those plans with confidence. 

    To be clear: these calls are NOT just about telling you what to do. They’re about building the exact step-by-step blueprint to show you how – all so you can move forward with confidence knowing exactly what your next move is at all times. 

    From there, you’ll get the knowledge and support you need to continue forward with executing your wealth-building plan… including quarterly strategy meetings where we’ll review your key success indicators and make sure that you’re still on track to hit the essential numbers you want to hit.

    But as you’ll see… it’s not just about the numbers. It’s about building the confidence you need to know that what you’re doing is the right move for you and your family.

    It all starts with..


    Discovering The Four Keys To Your Current Wealth

    The number you need to feel and be secure is different than every other number in the world – simply because your family’s reality is completely unique.

    Nobody else runs your business. Nobody else has your exact bills. Nobody else has your precise standard of living.

    So why are you trying to build your wealth based on someone else’s numbers?!

    The first thing we’ll do is get clarity on YOUR Four Key Numbers:

    • One Number Solution™ 
    • After Tax Cost of Living™
    • One Number for Business™ 
    • Shock Proof Buffer™

    ™Establishing Your Power Number

    The idea of wealth isn’t powerful because we as humans like large numbers.

    It’s powerful because wealth affords you the one thing that means you’re truly financially free: the power of choice.

    When you have the power of choice, you have the opportunity to do whatever you want. Step back, step away, slow down, exit, change direction… or stay the course.

    Step #2 is all about giving you that power, and it happens with Your Power Number™. This number is the ultimate amount of net worth you need to afford you that freedom.

    Once we know Your Power Number™, we can quickly identify opportunities, activities and strategies to get you there even faster.


    Leveraging Your Assets

    The reason your existing assets aren’t working for you is that, simply put, you’re not working them the right way.

    The ultra-high net worth individuals we hear about are looking at all of their assets together, and building a plan to not only allow each of those assets to create more wealth… but they’re working those assets TOGETHER to create that wealth exponentially.

    So that’s what we’re going to do with you. We get your current assets working harder for you, and then we’ll look at how to add and accelerate your wealth-building so your money begins working FOR you… (Not the other way around.)

    The goal is that your money is what makes you money, so you can choose what you want to do with your time.

    And isn’t your time the most valuable thing you’ve got?

    You May Think 7 Figures Isn’t Possible.
    Discover How It Is

    Limited-Access Program Open Now (Qualification Required)

    The Total Wealth Way

    I want to be clear about one very important thing: this is not a $47/mo membership where I throw some training at you and call it a day.

    The Total Wealth BluePrint™ is designed for intense customization – because we’re going to be working with YOUR unique numbers.

    Yes, the monthly masterclass training will be available on-demand and you can check it out whenever you want. But the rest of the program… the strategy, the plan, the quarterly updates, the customized advice…

    That’s all specific to YOU and your situation.

    This is a high-touch, high-intensity program specifically designed to give you what you need, when you need it. You’re not going to be left in the cold wishing you had answers. 

    You’re practically getting an advisor-in-your-pocket who can help you make sense of every opportunity you have – and then some.

    And that does come with an investment.

    Not the kind of investment you’d pay an in-house financial advisor to be at your beck and call every single day. And there are ways that I’m off-setting the investment, like waiving my advisory fee for any portfolios built with my Black Star Wealth investment specialists. 

    (Yeah, you read that right: If you decide to move investments to Black Star Wealth and build a portfolio with my specialists, I will waive my advisory fee and you’ll only be responsible for the actual management fees – a fraction of what you’d pay elsewhere.)

    But if you’re not willing to invest real money now to create incredible wealth later… then I do encourage you to stick with what you’re doing and follow my 5-Steps on your own.

    If, however, you understand that growth doesn’t happen in a vacuum… that operating in a silo or on an island isn’t getting you further than you are right this second… if you’re painfully aware that at some point, you hit your limit on what you’re capable of alone…

    Leverage Your Time by Leveraging Your Money

    Limited-Access Program Open Now (Qualification Required)

    The Get Real Method

    I’m not going to promise you the moon. Nor am I going to give you false scarcity and tell you doors are closing.

    Because the truth of the matter is – what you do with the information you have now is up to you. You can take my 5-steps, continue on your own, and see what you can do with it. 

    Or you can decide you’re ready for the kind of expert help and guidance high net worth individuals (that were once in your exact shoes) use to create their own financial freedom.

    How much is it worth to you to claim the power of opportunity and choice?

    How much is it worth to you to have the option to shift, pivot, or simply take a break?

    At the end of the day that’s what I’m offering, and that’s what I hope you’ll take me up on.

    Let’s talk more about it.

    Grow from High Earning, Not Rich Yet
    to All Wealth & Zero Stress

    Limited-Access Program Open Now (Qualification Required)

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can my spouse or business partner join me in this program?

    We welcome and encourage spouses and business partners into the program! Your spouse can join at no additional cost, and your business partner will be extended a hefty 50% discount (we still need to do the separate and distinct personal work for your business partner’s finances, so there is still a charge.)

    How much time will I need to dedicate to this program?

    I know you’re busy! That’s why I’ve streamlined this process to require as little of your time as possible. The time you spend putting plans into action will depend greatly on your level of organization when it comes to your financial record-keeping, but please plan on at least 1 hour per week of action-taking and 1 hour per week of strategy calls for the first 8 weeks. Beyond that your time investment drops dramatically, again depending on what you’re doing and your level of organization.

    What if I don’t want to sell my business?

    This program is NOT about selling your business. It’s an option, sure, but we’re creating customized plans for every individual. Which means you’ll have a plan created not only for your finances, but your life as well.

    I already have a financial advisor. What about that?

    Awesome! If you have an advisor you love, then stay with them. We’ll talk about plans and strategies that your current advisor can implement and you’ll have the benefit of TWO experts on your side. 🙂

    Okay… so what exactly does my investment include?

    Your Wealth Accelerator investment covers meetings, coaching, planning,  teaching, resources and events. Fees incurred by your current financial advisor are not covered in the cost. That being said, if you choose to move investments over and build a portfolio with the Black Star Wealth investment specialists, the advisor fees on those investments will be included. Let’s talk more about that when you schedule your discovery call.

    If you’re ready to claim the Power Of Opportunity…
    The Total Wealth BluePrint™ is the right next step for you

    Limited-Access Program Open Now (Qualification Required)